ayucat joined ubuntulinux.jp at 2008-12-07 (JST). I has been working on building some private (and therefore pristine) packages with the newest version released or in development for a few months.

  • Keywords: avidemux, abinit, abinit-doc, wxmaxima, ttf-vlgothic

Email: <ayucat AT SPAMFREE samemsamedomain DOT net> (samesamedomain.net = livedoor.com etc.)

My way to build the latest versions of with the Ubuntu official or third-party deb file (on Dec 2008)

  1. Prepare an environment for build.
  2. $ cd path/to/deb_directory

  3. $ uscan
  4. (waiting 10-30s) $ uupdate ../*X.Y.Z.tar.gz
  5. (waiting 30-60s) $ cd ../*X.Y.AA
  6. $ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us
  7. wait and wait!!! (e.g. 10min, strongly depending on the size of the package)

Supplemental Information 1 (''July 2009'')

In Step 4, an error occurs and check packagename-ver.{changes,diff.gz} in the parent directory. If no changes exists, in the old package's directory, do Step 5, generating appropriate *{.changes,diff.gz}.

In Step 5, we can also use debuild -uc -us, but it would reduce some processes required for next uscans in addition to decreasing typing keys. (now I guess)


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