Ubuntu Japanese Team held the "Ubuntu Offline Meeting Tokyo" on January 17th at Hirose Building, Akihabara. This event, organized by the Ubuntu Japanese Team and Hirose Electric Works, Ltd. included install party and troubleshooting, and several advanced sessions. There were over 40 attendees.

Many thanks to Hirose Electric Works for providing a venue for meeting and to visitors.

Materials for session are attached this page.

Time and place

Install session

Visitors installed Ubuntu on their PCs by use of network, CD, and USB memory. Japanese Team members answered visitor's questions and supported the install process. The box on the right in the picture below is the install sever: by connecting a PXE bootable PC to the network, you can install Ubuntu.

Seminar session

Japanese Team members made a speech about following titles:

  • "What is Ubuntu"
    • Introducing Ubuntu and its philosophy.
  • "How to install according to 'Blood Type Personality'"
    • Outlining features of each of the various install methods, ex Live CD, Wubi, etc.
    • Explaining how to build install server.
      • Note: 'Blood Type Personality' is popular urban legend In Japan, see Wikipedia's Topic.

  • "After install: for NetBook"

    • Explaining Ubuntu Mobile and LXDE for NetBook environment.

  • "After Install: for terminal use"
    • Explaining how to set up Japanese environment without X Window System.
  • "Customization lecture for lazy bones to customize"
    • Bringing up useful tips for GNOME customizations.
  • "Troubleshooting"
    • Listing up troubles that encounter in installation and its solutions.
  • "The particulars about buying StarSuite 9"

    • Explaining the particulars when buying StarSuite 9 download edition.

UBiL session

As a courtesy to Hirose Electric Works, Ltd. the venue provider, we exhibited "UBiL", a thin client terminal based on Ubuntu and USB memory.

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